Through strategic acquisitions, we build interconnected ecosystems around platform businesses, fostering synergies and innovation to create a sustainable and transformative impact.


We prioritize software and main street B2B companies that align with our core values and that can benefit from an infusion or improvement of software, systems and process in order to scale.

By strategically acquiring these businesses, we aim to create synergies and economies of scale that lead to enhanced operational efficiencies and increased market share.


Profitable businesses doing $2-$20M in Revenue.

Businesses with a proven management team or seller retention post-acquisition.

Niche, non-commoditized product line or service offering.

High growth potential and market traction.

Brick & mortar opportunities in North America and online businesses Globally.


Nathaniel Brown

Head of Acquisitions

Dejean Brown

Head of Finance

Calvin Todd

Head of Operations

Anthony Thompson

Head of Strategy



We are currently building an eco- system around a platform business based in the Ecommerce and Banking industries.

last updated.

2023 Q3


B2C Ecommerce Brands

Ecommerce Saas Tools

Ecommerce Marketing Agencies

Bin carrying ISOs

Payment Processors

MID Management Agencies


Empowering Excellence through Thriving Roles across our Portfolio Companies.

We prioritize our people above all else, nurturing a workplace founded on support, integrity, and respect.

We are not just a holding company; we are a catalyst for success across diverse industries. What truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to fostering an environment where top talent can flourish. We believe that true brilliance emerges when a diverse team collaborates, challenges, and learns from each other. We empower our team members to reach new heights, exceeding their own expectations.

We offer not only competitive pay and benefits but also a sense of belonging to something greater—a dynamic community that nurtures individual growth while propelling collective success. Join the xecuit family of companies and become part of a journey of impactful contributions where every voice matters, every idea thrives, and every achievement is celebrated.


Business owners or representatives of any companies, business divisions or technology opportunities that fit our criteria are encouraged to contact us for a completely confidential and exploratory initial discussion on what co-operation or acquisition opportunities may be available that would fit the business objectives of both parties.